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Dec08 Snow in WeatherwaxWelcome

Welcome to the website for Weatherwax - Ocean Shores unique coastal rain forest - presented by the Ocean Shores Citizens for Balanced Growth.

From the time the Weatherwax was purchased in 1999, there were forces who wanted to divide it and sell it off, develop it for condos or houses, or put golf holes over the wetlands. It has been an issue to contend with and a fight to preserve it for years.
Ocean Shores Citizens for Balanced Growth was organized with John Clark at the helm, with the overall objective and emphasis being to save the Weatherwax from any of these fates. With constant work by dedicated members, financial support from residents, and even a legal move that stopped the progress of surplussing the point in order to sell it, the fight continued. Finally - with an overwhelming vote by citizens on the November 2008 ballot to "Retain the Weatherwax", the city was given a clear path to follow. The next step was to have it designated as critical in the new Critical Area Ordinance, submitted to the state in Chicken of the WoodsDecember, 2008. This being done, the Weatherwax is safe! The plan is to put the whole 120 acres into wetlands banking, which, on paper, trades small pieces for wetlands in other areas that someone wants to fill in to develop that area.

This will forever preserve the Weatherwax and also be a source of income for the city. Citizens for Balanced Growth is elated with the outcome.

We have drawn attention to the Weatherwax with tours, brochures, DVD's, booths, and a campaign during the election time. There is still work to be done. We hope to still be called on to keep the trails clear for people to enjoy this beautiful place, and to be consulted on anything that is being done to finalize the wetland banking.